Hire Luton Library Theatre

We hire to both professional and community organisations, businesses and individuals. We strive to have a varied program of events as possible, and always welcome enquiries to discuss options. No event or organisation is excluded.

Hire Info & Charges

Theatre seating plan  LT Seating Plan

Theatre technical information on request

Theatre Hire conditions. Here

We divide our bookings into three categories, 
Category A for professional / commercial hires, And, Category B for community & voluntary organisations.  Category C, is box office split that  we may consider. please email Booking to find out more.

Theatre booking Form Cat A - Pro Hire
Theatre booking  form Cat B - Community hire


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure they hold the necessary and relevant licenses, insurance and permissions to perform their production at the Luton Library Theatre. The Hirer is required to check their production falls within the copyright regulations as published, brief details of which are attached in Appendix 1.   LCC has no responsibility for this aspect of the production, and will not be responsible for any fines or restrictions levied against the hirer.
LCC reserves the right to request the hirer to provide hard copy permissions of relevant licenses obtained for a specific production.